Groove to the pacific sounds of Lapulele, The Smooth Soothe.

Specializing in Hawaiian, Jazz, Blues, Western, Folk, and Spiritual styles with the haunting melodies and moving rhythms of a better vanished time. Lapulele was formed when 13 year old ukulele powerhouse Jacobson Young joined forces with the dulcet tones of lap steelist/guitarist/vocalist Paul Terrien on a mission to spread Love and Peace throughout the Universe through the power of musical serenity.

Whether your party is a beach luau or fancy to-do, make Lapulele your choice for music to shake off the chains of the mundane world let your spirit soar with Lapulele

Paulie "Haole" Terrien
Musical Director
Lap Steel / Guitar / Vocals / Bass

This longtime heavy metal guitarist was struck by the harmonic beauty of the lap steel and has never looked back. Though a Wisconsin native, Paulie was given his love of Hawaiian music and fashion sense by a blind priest.

Young Jacobson Young

This talented lad's first professional gig was Summerfest, the World's largest music festival, and he is only going up! When he's not playing ukulele or in school, he enjoys writing and making movies.

Jazzy Chaz Herrenbruck

He's thinking.

Dr. Joe Nordin

Hunter, Fisher, Gatherer, Shredder, Doctor, Hunk of Burning Love - Joe has got it all!